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Comment for adding.


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Yay! ::dances::
i'm...really confused. should i just stay out of it??
It means you can only see the entries if you're on my friends list.
Silly Liz.
er.are you portuguese?
Yes indeedy.
Hi, I found you on erlendandeirik community and would like to be added.. do you mind me adding you since you seem to have many cool interests and such?
Course not :). I love new friends. Yay!
I'm all super excited now.
Sweet username, too.
hey! i saw you in the Sondre community. i LOVE your music list, and I am a huge sondre fan as well. seen him three times! keane as well... only seen them once though. anyhow, i guess this is an "add me?" post, so.. yeah!
Awesome! I love friends.
Oo I get to see Keane in a couple weeks, I'm excited.
Most totally. :D
hey i was just wondering if you were still interested in being a co-mod for michigan_haunts Maybe you could give me your email address or something? And you can start coming up with ideas anytime and start posting away. I am not clever enough to do any of that. :-)

Hi. I'm so sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, I've been quite ill. But, I'm still very interested. My email is chuvanao@hotmail.com. Let's make it great! I think it could be really cool once we inspire people to start using it. I was actually going to make a theme right now, but I'd like your okay first.
I was gonna ask everyone to make an entry telling about where they think the most haunted place in Michigan is, their experiences with it, and so on. Do you think its a good idea?
I hope I hear from you soon.
yay for aquinas!

and for Death Cab for Cutie.
Heehee. Word.
Hi :) I've seen you around on a few music communities and we have quite a bit in common, so I'm adding you. Add me?
Sounds good =D
Add me i'll add you!
Sure :)
add me??
Sure :)
Thanks for adding me.
whoever that guy is he's hot.
+ we have a similar color scheme ;D
Haha. Hot he is. That's Norweigan singer Sondre Lerche.
Thats odd, we really do. I love your background.
hi! man, ur layout rocks!
Are you a fan?
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June 2009

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